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Pawerful Saw X-700

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Cat-Dog Conditioner Shampoo 2x1 -Ticks Fleas Mites 250ML

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to enhance and invigorate.  Available in a modern fresh burst fragrance.For professional useA luxurious formula to aid in the cleansing, dirt removal and coat conditioning of all coats.  Our rich, creamy and silky feeling lather will cleanse and add moisture whilst providing excellent softness to skin and fur.Suitable for all dogs and animals big or small, even those with long or curly hair –helps to hold the curls.  The added blend of conditioners will help to wet comb and de-tangle fur with ease.  The softness and lustre to the coat is enhanced and will leave it looking and feeling silky soft and shiny.  Our formulation prevents frizz, static build-up, is non-sticky, easy to apply, easy to work with and easy to rinse leaving no build-up.  It will also help treat and prevent dry, rough and itchy skin – signs that are usually associated with dermatitis and eczema.Our product has been proven effective on the most sensitive of skins, and smelliest of body odours.  It’s also biodegradable and Cruelty Free.
  • Effective deep cleansing & dirt remover
  • Added conditioner & anti-static agent
  • Added emollients
  • No irritation or harsh skin effects
  • Rich silky feeling, creamy foam with no excess build-up
  • Improves wet combing and de-tangling
  • Easy application and rinse
  • Modern fresh fragrance
  • Paraben Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly
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Pets wipes Anti- Ticks Fleas Parvo Covid19

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Made using non-woven material that offers both strength and absorbency with no lint deposits.Our wipes are impregnated with our unique formulation Vira-Care which contains a rapid acting broad-spectrum bactericide, virucide, algaecide and fungicide.  Our solution has been tested and approved meeting BS6734 standards for Defra General Orders Approval and independently tested meeting EN1276, EN14675 Enterovirus, EN14476 Parvovirus & Coronavirus, EN16777 Vaccinia Virus, Kennel Cough standards.  It is effective against all viruses in the medical, vet area which includes kennels, animal accommodation, animal husbandry, transportation.  Covers Canine Parvo Virus (CPV) and other closely related strains, effective against Feline Viruses such as Calici (FCV).  Eliminates bacteria, viruses, yeast fungi and odours.Our product can be used in high risk areas, in the elimination and decontamination process of all hard surfaces including surgical equipment, tools, metals, plastics, rubbers and glass.  Vira-Care is effective against specific disease-causing organisms.  Use for deep to general disinfectant cleaning.  Ideal for disinfecting high-touch points like phones, handles, tables, chairs, rails, carriers.Our wipes are convenient to use in their large counter top tubs.  Available Neutral – Fragrance Free.200 wipes per tub.Leaping Bunny Approved with Cruelty Free Int.Use biocides safely.  Always read the label and product information before use.
  • Taint Free
  • Lint Free
  • Available Neutral – no added fragrance
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free – Leaping Bunny Approved
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